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King David tha Vessel



“Once you’ve taken the GOD out of the Gospel, what’s the point?” asks David Eagles, known in ministry circuits as King David tha Vessel.  With an ever increasing resume, which features numerous vehicles for getting his point across over a 20plus year period of actively being involved in music, acting, writing, and other artistic impressions, King David, or KD, is gaining the notoriety he says he never wanted to begin with.  “This thing was never designed to be about me,’ he states matter of factly.  “This is where anyone in any capacity messes up: by taking the focus off of the LORD and placing it on themselves.”  KD has received acclaim over the years for his cutting edge music ministry, even being nominated for a Rhythm of Gospel award in 2009.  After the release of his first full length album In SO many WorDz in 2007, KD went on to venture into various opportunities, partnering for a live CHRISTmas concert with Hip Hop H.O.P.E. to even opening for Mary Mary in Chicago later that same year.  Not known for traveling in circles, KD has found himself positioned to receive the priceless favor that comes from standing in the whole will of GOD.  “I bemoan compromise.  Can’t stand it.  And we wonder why the power of GOD isn’t as prevelant now as it was in Biblical times.  GOD didn’t change; we did.”  With the release of the forthcoming Rhymz & Worship: Songz From the Seekret Playce, KD hopes to return the listener to a whole, healthy image of GOD, thereby healing their relationship with HIM.  “The ideal, the purpose, the goal of this record is to heal the perception of GOD, to remind us of why HE’s worthy, how HE works, even; what HE’s done that HE hasn’t had to.  HE’s GOD…”  The year will also see KD further advancing into other outlets of ministry, beginning with his first published work as an author, about which he says, “GOD has a lot to say, and I don’t take any credit for any of this; it’s an honor.”  KD refuses to take a singular approach in addressing goals on a yearly basis, believing that like the Kingdom Itself, GOD has not positioned him for merely a moment in time or a small scaled attack on the forces of darkness that hold others back.  “Whatever GOD wants is what HE’ll have from me.  The point in doing things after a GODly sort is so that they go well beyond any of our natural limitations.  The WORD of GOD is not bound, and IT’s in me, so why should I be?  Why should what GOD has called me to be??  And if I truly love like JESUS, why should others be???”       


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